50 Ways to Love Yourself


Happy Valentine’s Day, my dears! I get that some saint started this holiday after he got his head chopped off and not Hallmark, but they sure as hell have been keeping it going. I also realize this holiday may put some of you in a funk. The rest of you might be more on my level and not give a flying flip.


Dare I say I’m excited. No expectations this year, no pressure. My 6-month-old will probably be the best V-day date I’ve ever had and I’m not even expecting flowers!


In honor of all my fellow single mommas, I am christening this day National Self Love Day for the relationship deficient. Alright fine, people in relationships can celebrate it, too. Shit, let’s get real crazy and make it global.


Self-love can look different to every person. It can be wine and a good netflix binge or a run and much needed shower. For me, self love all depends on what is needed in the moment. Here are 50 different ways you can show yourself how much you love you,


1. Have breakfast in bed

2. Do some gardening

3. Take a nap

4. Buy new underwear

5. Buy a new bra

6. Take yourself on a picnic

7. Explore local nature trails

8. Pick your own flowers

9. Make a vision board

10. Go to the beach

11. Go to the closest spring

12. Get lost in a book store

13. Take yourself out for a drink

14. Paint your nails

15. Try a new makeup tutorial

16. Feng Shui your home

17. Invite a couple girlfriends over for a fashion show while you go through your closet

18. Tell them to bring wine

19. Get a massage

20. Get a facial

21. Binge watch Gilmore Girls

22. Order pizza

23. Go to a yoga class

24. Go to an art museum

25. Try to cook something new for dinner

26. Avoid restaurants like the plague

27. Stay off social media for the day


29. Go to the gym

30. Get your froyo on

31. Clean your house naked

32. Dance around your house naked

33. Doing anything naked is strangely liberating (naked gardening, anyone?)

34. Start an art project

33. Find a pottery class near you

34. Take your pup to the dog park

35. Watch the Netflix original series “You

36. Watch any documentary involving serial killers

37. Go to a concert or anywhere with live music

38. Curl up with a good book

39. Make some tea

40. Take a bubble bath

41. Shave your legs and lather them in coconut oil

42. Wear the fuzziest robe and pair of socks you own

43. If you don’t own these things, go to the store and BUY fuzzy socks and a fuzzy robe (I’m telling you, you won’t regret it)

44. Get a haircut

45. Blast gangster rap and practice your stripper moves

46. Find a tree to climb

47. Visit your Grandma

49. Buy your mom flowers

50. Eat ice cream out of the container and dare people to fucking judge you


How are you celebrating this day of love? What is self-love to you?

It’s okay to be sad you’re not in a relationship. It’s okay to be thrilled you’re not in a relationship. Honor what you’re feeling and shower yourself and the ones you love with affection and praise today.

Love is one of the few things that multiplies the more it is given. So let’s try trading out the bitterness and expectation this year for gratitude and self-love.


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