Happy Father’s Day

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Instead of wallowing in a pit of self-pity on the day that commemorates a figure who falls short in my life as well as my daughter’s, I choose to celebrate the people this day is truly meant for. Because being a father is an enormous responsibility, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The ones who take this task to heart, not only for their children but for humanity as a whole, deserve more than a mere day of recognition.

What is fatherhood to you?

To me, it’s about safety and protection. It’s about looking out for the needs of others and having their back when needed. It’s about providing stability and reassurance in a world of chaos. It’s about teaching sons the art of gentle strength. It’s about teaching daughters to accept nothing less than they deserve.

Father’s Day isn’t just for Fathers. It’s for all the men who do all of what was listed above and then some. Many take on the responsibility of fatherhood when they have no biological children. This day is for you, too. Because for every father who falls short, there are just as many men straight killing it and their actions should be commended.

So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Thank you to the men who put the needs of their families in front of their own self-seeking endeavors.

Thank you to the men who show up every day and work their asses off to support the ones they love.

Thank you to the men who became fathers to the fatherless and love children as if they are their own.

Thank you to the men who treat their partners and ex-partners with respect for the sake of their children.

Thank you to the men who choose love and respect over force and intimidation.

Thank you for the men secure in their masculinity and unafraid of emotion.

Thank you on behalf of all the people you’ve protected, defended, supported, and loved.

Your actions do not go unrecognized. I refuse to let my experiences with broken men inhibit my ability to appreciate the ones who overcome their brokenness every day.

We see you and we love you.

Keep showing the rest of the men how it’s done.

Be sure to tell the men in your life who have shown you true fatherly love how much you appreciate them today and every day! 

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Photo by Hannah Nelson on Pexels.com

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