Why being a mom is the shit

Moms (myself included) tend to get caught up complaining about the chaos that is our lives so much that from the outside looking in, motherhood seems a little like hell.

But there are lots of advantages to being a parent,


  • Built in excuse for being late and/or canceling plansArts and crafts buddy
  • Cuddle buddy
  • Exploring buddy
  • Movie theater buddy
  • Forces me outside more
  • Makes me wake up early
  • More productive when I have free time
  • Helped establish routine
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Keeps me active
  • Free pass to hang out at playgrounds without being creepy
  • Appreciation for self-care and solitude
  • More mindful of the food I put in my body
  • Boosts confidence and resilience
  • Personal comedianI want to hear from you! What are some other parenting perks you’ve discovered?

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